Guardall KCR Safes

Product Description

The KCR Series of safes are ideal where maximum security is necessary. Situations include Jewellers, Banks, high cash turn over outlets such as Restaurants, Pubs, Nightclubs, Supermarkets, Hotels and Cinemas to name a few.

Security features include:

  • Digital commercial UL Keypad and lock
  • Mauer 6 Lever pick resistance lock 
  • Dual secondary re-locking mechanisms in case of tampering
  • Solid 32mm 3-way bolt work with multiple locking points on the door
  • Hardened 90mm concrete fill in the body and door
  • Hardened steel plates covering all locking mechanisms
The design of these safes are made to give a high level of resistance to professional attack by means such as: Drilling and grinding, oxy-acetylene cutting equipment, explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic tools. The recommended insurable cash rating, in an unsupported situation, is $200000.