About Us

Ratner Safes was established in London UK in 1784 and our Australian Division commenced manufacture in Australia in 1963, serving the Asia/Pacific Region. In 1972 the operation in Australia became a fully owned family company.

Our customer base ranges from small retail stores to large retail/commercial enterprises, banking and insurance sectors and federal and state government departments. Our custom built safes and strong rooms provide protection for narcotics, arms, bullion and cash reserves all over the country. Our large marketshare in the Jewellery Industry has evolved from supplying high security solutions that have stood the test of time.

We manufacture a large range of safes and security products and we also complement our stock range with other manufacturers standard products to meet most security requirements. Customised products are our speciality, including grills, bollards, etc. and these are manufactured in our Melbourne factory and shipped nationally and internationally.

Ratner has Government approval and has built safes, strongrooms/vaults & armouries of various grades and sizes to store classified materials.

Coil Bar is a proprietary product manufactured by Ratner which is used to build standard and custom built strongrooms for Banks, pharmaceutical companies, stamp and credit card printers and other security premises.

Ratner?s service department offers onsite fully qualified and government approved security and locksmithing services. This includes electronic detection and surveillance systems. Our fully certified safe technicians open, repair and service safes and strongrooms all hours nationwide. Ratner?s service department carries a large range of safe locks and safe parts for all makes and models.

Don't Make a Safe Mistake!

    Many safe buyers end up with the wrong safe for their requirements and don't find out until it's too late! Our qualified security experts will advise you find the right safe for the right job, to meet all regulations & Insurance requirements. Any questions any time we're here to help you.

Ratner Features

    Specialists in custom built safes, strongrooms, armourys, vaults.
    New and Second hand safes. (over 100 in stock).
    Recondition, repair & upgrade safes of all makes & models.
    Govt. registered & qualified security adviser on-site.
    CMI authorised dealer