CMI Premier 2

Product Description

CMI PREMIER T.D.R.: The design of the safes and materials used provide defence barriers resisting to:
� Oxy-Acetylene attack
� Drills and abrasive grinders
� Explosives and force
� Pneumatic and hydraulic tools

BODY: The body gives a minimum thickness of 80mm of high density refractory materials at all points. These materials are bonded between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel, becoming a complete monolith after pouring. The engagement of the door and body effectively result in a continuous cube of exceptional strength and security.

DOOR: The door of the Premier safe has an overall thickness of 135mm, and the 55mm thick defensive slab section contains metals highly resistant to drills and abrasive grinders in addition to the
high-strength poured barrier materials and other defences. The lockcase forms an integral part of the entire door structure, giving addition