DataGuard NT

Product Description


Key Features
  • Certified NT Fire 017 � 120 Diskette for two-hour protection of data media from fire.
  • Single-door safe with no insert required � means internal capacity is maximised and up to 60% more storage space than other safes in the same class.
  • User-friendly, slam-action door. When shut, provides full fire protection without needing to be locked.
  • Adjustable shelving and drawer units supplied as standard.
  • Available in two sizes, 48 and 89 litres.
Internal Fittings
A shelf and extendable drawer(s) accompany each safe as standard (see Product Specifications above). These can be adjusted using the safe�s internal ladder racking system. Additional shelves and drawers can be supplied on request.

NT Fire 017 � 120 Diskette
DataGuard NT carries the highest level of certification possible for a data media safe � 120 minutes of fire protection. The whole range has been tested and certified in accordance with the NT Fire 017 standard in class 120 Diskette.

Fire Test
The safe is placed inside a furnace where it is exposed to fire for two hours. During that period the temperature inside the furnace reaches over 1000�C.
Whilst exposed to the extreme heat, the temperature inside the safe is constantly measured. Since information stored on digital media is so heat-sensitive, the internal temperature of the safe must not exceed 52�C at any point of the test.