Chubb Cobra Pro

Product Description

Key Features

    • Grade I burglary protection certified by ECB-S in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1.
    • Fitted with a Class B high-security electronic lock, approved in accordance with EN1300.
    • Equipped with LED light inside.
    • Ergonomic handle, soft-touch handle.
    • Interior ladder racking system for flexible positioning of multiple shelves. One shelf is supplied as standard.
    • Thinner walls for increased internal capacity.

Lock Option

Cobra Pro safes are fitted with a high security electronic lock (Class B).
All locks are tested by ECB-S and are certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard. Cobra Pro high-security electronic lock - certified Class B by ECB-S includes the following features:
    • 1 master code and 9 user codes.
    • Time delay of up to 99 minutes between lock being operated and door being opened. Also equipped with time-delay overri