Chubb fire element

Product Description

At a Glance

  • Combined fire and burglary protection in one safe
  • Perfect for the protection of cash and valuables as well as passports, property records, legal papers and other important documents.
  • Certified by ECB-S for 30 minutes fire-resistance (EN 15659, 30 P)
  • Certified by ECB-S for Level S2 burglary protection (EN 14450)
  • Chubbsafes electronic lock
  • Four sizes � 18 to 51 litres

30 P Fire Protection
The whole range has been certified by ECB-S in accordance with the EN 15659 standard for thirty minutes� fire protection of documents.

S2 Burglary Protection
The range has been certified in accordance with the EN 14450 standard for burglary protection to Level S2.


Each model is fitted with an electronic lock, certified by ECB-S according to EN 1300 Class B.
Electronic Lock
Enter your PIN code using the key pad and simply turn the handle to open the door. The door locks automatically again when shut and the handle is turned back to its original position. The lock can be programmed with your own six-digit PIN code.

Interior Fittings

One removable shelf standard with all models. More can be added.


The door is secured by three-way operating, 25mm-diameter bolts. The boltwork is further protected by manganese steel anti-drilling plates and a re-locking device.
Door & Body
The safe wall has an overall thickness of 56mm with a 92mmthick door.